We often heard that the Registrar is the spine of every college operation. But, one thing everyone failed to mention is how scary and stressful it can be.

The responsibility to juggle and balancing between Compliance, Quality Education, Student Success, Shareholders Expectation and Daily Operation can be overwhelming. Overall Campus Operations, regardless of the size, is very complex. One small mistake in Student Record will cause nightmare during Audit, or delay in marks submission by lecturers will let to sleepless night prior to Senate Meeting.

I had the opportunity to meet many other registrars. Trust me, you are not alone in this. Here is a fraction of how Sqayy can help you to overcome such challenges.

  1. Sqayy makes cross-functional teams work seamlessly
    • Flexibility in access control allows you to have better planning especially during major events such, generate reports on the fly
    • We relentlessly work to ensure our reports are regulatory friendly. You do not have to be anxious about preparing the extensive Overall Result or Broadsheet Report for your Senate Meeting or preparing reports for Quality Audits, Sqayy vast report repository enables you to generate any kind of reports with simple clicks.
  2. Goodbye redundancy of data
    • With Sqayy’s intelligent checking mechanism, the possibility for you to have double student record is pretty much ZERO.
  3. Timely marks and attendance entry
    • Change lecturer behavior by setting duration for marks and attendance entry.
  4. We can connect you to the community
    • Join our physical/online networking events talk with fellow registrar from other institutions and exchange healthy ideas.


Explore Sqayy, talk to us, Sqayy will be your best friend at work.