Chrome is the ever popular browser for people of all ages due to its simple design and modern look. Google may inevitably enslave all of humanity in the near future, but for now let us enjoy the cute little games that everyone can play on Google’s browser.

The T-Rex Game

Google’s solution to bored people who can’t connect to the Internet, the T-Rex Game is where you control a pixelated T-Rex running across the desserts and jumping over obstacles. Just press the spacebar on your keyboard to activate the game.

Why is the T-Rex running? Well to answer that, you’ll have to connect to the Internet and ask Google.

Pac Man

An iconic game that was first released in 1980, Pac Man was a doodle on Google Chrome where people can play on the search page. It’s no longer a doodle today, but it’s still on Chrome – search ‘pacman‘ on Google and you can start playing this classic.

Unlike the T-Rex game, Pac Man requires Internet connection.

Atari Breakout

Another iconic game, Atari Breakout lets you control a bar that you can move from left to right. The goal of the game? Don’t let the ball fall off the screen.

Just like Pac Man, you can search for Atari Breakout and click on the first link that appears in the list of search results.


Remember the card game you used to play on Windows XP? Your first computer game is now available on Chrome. Just search for ‘solitaire‘ and you can go ahead and start playing.

With Chrome’s sleek design, you can still enjoy the game without the annoyance of nostalgia. Besides the updated graphics, Chrome’s Solitaire also comes in different difficulty mode.


The classic game of X’s and O’s is now available on Chrome! Forget pen and paper. Simply type ‘tic tac toe’ into the search bar and voilà.

If you don’t feel like playing against your computer, you can share the link to the game with another player so you can play together from different screens.

Flip a Coin

Can’t decide on something? Why not have a thin piece of nickle make all those tough decisions for you?

If you’re the type that can’t deal with the pressure of decision-making unlike normal, healthy adults, search for ‘flip a coin’ on Google and there’s a digital coin of no value for you to flip.

Roll a Die

Never lose an overpriced dice ever again with Chrome’s Roll a Die. If you’re not content with the Yes-No limits of flipping coins, search for ‘roll a die’ on Chrome and increase your available options!

Open more tabs on your browser so you’ll have more possibilities in multiples of six.

Do a Barrel Roll

While some people might argue that it’s not a game, seeing your screen rotating at 360 degrees sure is fun. The quickest game to access on Chrome, all you need to do is search for ‘do a barrel roll’ and your screen will rotate.

How is this entertaining you might ask? We don’t know too but you can try Google to find out why.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush may be a game that a lot of people might not be familiar with but you just have to click on the colourful circles to prevent them from eating your search results. The game ends when all of your search results disappear from the page.

Now you know how Google manipulates content.

What Sound Does a Cat Make?

An adorable game to play with your toddlers, typing ‘what sound does a cat make’ in your search bar will display a list of multiple animals. Clicking on the pictures will produce the animal’s sound.

Turn it into a guessing game by clicking on the pictures and ask the name of the animal.



Hidden games makes Chrome so much more than a web browser. What games would you like to see on Chrome? Let us know in the comment section below.