We are the luckiest sapiens to live in this era of mobility. We have choices and flexibilities in many aspects of our lives, including education.

The conventional way of rigid teaching and learning experience are fading away. Education institutions, from primary to postgraduate, are offerings many modes of teaching and learning. We have heard of the conventional classes, open and distance learning, as well as blended learning.

These offerings again, enable choices.

We can choose to attend either the traditional face-to-face class, self-paced self-learn class or maybe even opt to join the online class. This gives students more freedom in choosing their learning experience. 

And of course, when we talk about 21st-century education, the center of focus would be on the Learning Mangement System. Many institutions are fast deciding that LMS is a MUST HAVE system to invest.

While there a lot other options available on the market, Moodle seems to be the most popular choice among users. This may due to the fact that: 

  • It is open source and therefore, the market has the perception that Moodle is free
  • It is the longest and most consistent LMS with an increasing number of users
  • It has a large pool of developers enhancing and improving the software
  • It is a self-sustaining ecosystem with open source developer, implementation consultants, cloud service provider, etc.

However, Moodle has quite a number of plugins that require efforts to set up, support and maintain. This will definitely affect cost-effectiveness, an aspect that is similarly important to your institution.

We have conducted a simple survey, and almost in unison, these institutions ranked their usage of Moodle as follows:

  1. Course Content Management and sharing with students
  2. Assignment Submission
  3. Forum/ Chat
  4. Quiz
  5. Online Classroom
  6. Online Assessment
  7. Attendance


Let me give you another option to choose from.

Sqayy, plus Microsoft Teams can create a total cost-effective ecosystem. Sqayy is a Campus Management System complementing the overall operation.

Microsoft, on the other hand, comes with special offerings for education. For example, the Student-Use-Benefit that is very cost-friendly, and sophisticated enough to enable learning mobility. 

The integration allows Sqayy to automatically assign students into their respective classes. So, when the lecturers step in to start the courses using Microsoft Teams, all they have to do is turn on their laptops and they can directly view their list of students. Not only that, the lecturers can straight away take the students’ attendance and conduct the class interactively. 

Alternatively, the lecturers may also carry out other types of classes using Microsoft Teams: 

  1. Course Contents using Sharepoint
    • Documents using Word
    • Slides using PowerPoints/ Sway
    • Video using Video Indexer
  2. Online Classroom using Skype for Business
  3. Chat using Teams
  4. Quiz using Forms
  5. Assignment Submission – by using file sharing with Lecturer
  6. Attendance from Sqayy
  7. And many more apps to explore

Microsoft has become a native product to many institutions. Therefore, you might already have the app in your possession which means there is no need to worry about the additional cost or the heavy learning curve. 

The combination of a CMS (Sqayy) and an LMS (Teams) create a seamless digital campus environment that is cost-friendly and effective. Aside from making the teaching and learning experience more interactive and fun, it also gives a good impact on the quality of our education. 



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