Here at Vialing, we strive to offer the best support that we possibly can. Well-known for our previous Knowledge Base for Barracuda with all the How To’s. Here’s the new hot cake for our users; Vialing Knowledge Base.


Our new Knowledge Base is the improvised version of our old Knowledge Base but with a new structure and some enhancements on the college-related scenarios, high knowledge on education industries, better tags and filters and many more.


1. Redesigned – Not Just How To

We redesigned our Knowledge Base structure to help you easily navigate through to find what you need swiftly. The new article structure contains various college-related scenarios to give you a better user experience and usability. The information is well-organized, so you will be able to find the information you need at your fingertips.

We put all settings and maintenance articles in a single category call Settings & Maintenance. Whereby if you are the System Admin for your university, this is the category that you need to master and learn. The same goes for other categories in which the term and language that we use mirror our software so you will have no problem to catch up.

But this is not just about redesigning the look and the feel of the Knowledge Base. We are putting a much stronger focus on the actual content because at the end of the day that’s what really matters.


2. High Knowledge

A new category in our new Knowledge Base is called the High Knowledge. High Knowledge does not focus on How To’s or What To’s. This category focuses on The Why. We made a point to share the 10 most important articles that will provide more values to our customers.

You can tell that ‘the why’ is the main objective for any educational institutions. As an institution, it is within every CEO’s dream to have a strong account record with better collections, a higher number of students and of course, to save cost!

With a good understanding of ‘the why’, you now can perform all the crucial, tedious, and the toughest daily operation tasks that led to the most panda eye bags to our users out there better.


3. Quick Search

Looking for something specific to your screens, roles, and situation? Just type the keywords in the Quick Search and there goes the list of related articles for you. We enhanced the tags and filters categories of our articles.

The feeling is just the same as Google-ing. Easy, convenient and intuitive.


4. Submit A Ticket

You can now follow-up your ticket status using our new Knowledge Base. The new feature allows you to submit a ticket with attachment. Using our ticket system, you will be able to get the latest update for your tickets.




We hope the new Knowledge Base can help you master Sqayy Campus thoroughly and improve your daily task to achieve your main objectives.

Say no more to heavy panda eye bags!