The landscape of education business is getting more competitive by days.  Amid a large number of existing educational institutions, new colleges and universities are opening their doors with more innovative offerings.

To add salt to the wound, more and more countries are establishing themselves to be an education hub to attract the very students that everyone is after. Desperate CEOs are spending millions on recruitment team, outreach programs, advertisements, and agent commissions – only to find out their new intakes percentage is continuously dropping.  

The solution is to spend more on student recruitment activities and hopes for the best. This creates a vicious cycle that most top management has a problem to get out. Whilst chasing for numbers, the CEO and Recruitment Manager often forget to look at the effectiveness of their operation.  

Therefore, to help improve the effectiveness of recruitment operation, we have designed a Student Recruitment & Admissions solution based on the following principles:

  1. Effective leads and contacts management
  2. Recruiters and agents’ efficiency
  3. Streamlined processes encompassing admissions, bursary and academic

Effective Leads and Contact Management

A large number of Leads are coming from different sources namely advertising, agencies, outreach programs, back-and-forth communication, and online inquiry. Leads are mostly incomplete but they often serve as a great potential in terms of data viability.

There are several ways leads can be attained:   

  • Purchased name leads
  • Generated from outreach programs including education fairs, school visits, and university visits
  • Walk-in or open days
  • Online or social media activities
  • Prospects dropped from different funnel stages
  • Referral from alumni/existing students

Synchronizing the aforementioned sources of leads to form a valid ground for recruiters and admissions to work on can be quite challenging, especially when the processes are to be conducted manually. Sqayy understands the struggles too well, and it was engineered to capture leads from various sources automatically into the system. This is a necessary step to prevent future duplicate records from being created.

Most colleges and universities offer programs at different levels. These include foundation programs, undergraduates and postgraduates as well as short courses. Thus, it would be fit to say that no prospects are lost as they can also be included in the next campaign cycle. For example, a Prospect that rejected a Diploma program will still be a prospect for Undergraduate programs two to three years later.

Sqayy acknowledges this situation by providing universities and colleges the ability to tag prospects for future campaigns. This means that no single prospect will sink into oblivion as time past by since it would be stored in the database.

Contact Database

Contact Database or Leads contains untargeted names and other information such as contact information or demographic description. Recruiters are allowed to upload purchased names and leads captured during the event activities into the Database.

Names dropped from funnels of different stages will also be recycled into this Contact Database.

In addition, our Contact Database is also designed to link to Student and Alumni Database in order to give recruiters unprecedented access for Student Get Student Scheme (SGSS) or program upgrades.

Sqayy’s no-stone-unturned approach helps colleges and universities to sell future progressive programs or even short courses to prospects of a particular campaign that opted not to join your institutions.

Recruiters and Agents’ Efficiency

Funnel Management

Sqayy keeps track of every leads or prospect at different funnel stages.  These funnel stages are set to be flexible in order to adapt to different organization needs.

In a standard configuration, Sqayy has seven funnel stages:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Nurturing
  3. Applying
  4. Qualifying
  5. Offering
  6. Enrolling
  7. Advocating

A funnel is a great way to visualize the progress of leads as they make their way towards becoming students. Funnel management reduces costs, increases efficiency by cutting time spent on prospects and leads that aren’t ready to commit.

It does this by tracking and gathering important information following a well thought out methodology. A prospect’s stage progression is charted with ease and any issues can be localized, identified, and resolved.

Prospecting Stage

It all begins here – the Prospecting Stage is where all of the pertinent information about your prospects can be found. Qualifying leads are important as they will eventually complete the recruitment process and become your students.

Every now and then, the Recruitment Manager will filter the Prospects based on their submitted details from the Contact Database and push the targeted names onto the Prospecting Stage. With leads growing by days, it is essential to perform filtering on the data for more effective conversion rate tracking.

On the other hand,  Prospect who took the initiative to fill up the Online Enquiry Form will also be marked under the Prospecting Stage.

From this stage,  the Recruitment Manager will assign each Prospect to a Recruiter.

Nurturing Stage

The Nurturing Stage is where the recruiters will start initiating and maintaining relationships with prospective students, either through email blast or phone calls. In the funnel, this stage aims to nurture prospects with relevant contents and information, especially those who aren’t yet ready to enroll.

In Sqayy, once the Recruiters start to make any follow-up efforts to engage the Prospects, the system will automatically mark them under Nurturing Stage. This is design to optimize the efforts and focus of the Recruiters by reducing the amount of workload they have to handle.

Over time,  the Recruiters will be able to identify their Prospects as either Cold or Hot leads and of course with Sqayy, they will be able to detect qualified Hot leads in real-time.


Qualifying Stage is a very exciting stage, especially when all goes well and the Prospects start submitting their applications. At this point in time, the qualified Prospect will be known as the Applicant. However, the disqualified Prospect will once again enter the Nurturing Stage for further actions.

Unlike any other CRMs, Sqayy provides multi-template offer letters that are carefully tailored to suit every need. The feature lets the system to automatically send the Offer Letter to the Applicants after their status has been changed to ‘Qualified’. On the other hand, the Recruiter may also opt to manually emails the letter to the Applicants when they have successfully completed their applications.

This step in the recruitment funnel gives us the flexibility to continuously track the progress of the Applicant even after the offer letter has been sent.


To further refined the list of Applicant in the system, they will be moved into the Offering Stage automatically after the Offer Letter has been sent. It makes tracking the rate of conversion easily, providing a more effective view of the whole recruitment process.

In different business industry operating on a typical CRM, the funnel ends after the Offer Letter has been sent to the Applicant – creating no room for the universities or colleges to track the progress of the Applicant. But, Sqayy Recruitment is specially built to cater to the higher education industry where the movement of the Applicant is recorded up until the alumni stage.


For higher education industry, a successful recruitment is marked by the headcount of Applicants that successfully admit and enroll during the registration week. At this stage, since the Applicants has received and accepted the Offer Letter, it is safe to assume that they are most likely to enroll as a student.

However, a follow-up call should be established to guide the Applicants through the admission and enrollment process. Sqayy allows the Recruiters to view all the list of Applicants that has accepted the offer or still pending. Therefore, it is easier for them to trace the list of students of who have yet to pay the enrollment or application fee.

This stage ends once the Applicant status has been set to ‘Enrolled’ or ‘Active’. Upon status change, Sqayy will automatically calculate the Recruiter’s commission based on the number of conversions.


It is a well-known fact that word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing. Despite that, it is a rare chance that any recruitment CRMs will consider to include it as part of their funnel.

Student Advocate or Student Get Student Scheme (SGSS) is a marketing initiative introduced by the universities or colleges to motivate their students to help promote awareness while inspiring their friends and family to join. Unfortunately, it has become a real problem to many institutions out there to properly track the process. The last stage of the funnel was built to specifically address the problem.

In Sqayy, the entire process will be recorded whenever the Prospect, Applicant or Student listed existing Student as their referral.

Streamlined Processes

Student recruitment involves many departments and bound by a quality assurance framework. It is a process that requires every department to work as a unit in order to meet the expectations of prospective students in the most effective and efficient manner as possible.   

In order for an institution to continue serving its longer-term academic as well as strategic ambitions by seeking to recruit the most suitable candidates, it must first recognize the processes and the system that will deliver positive experience from the very first point of contact.

Sqayy Recruitment is a cloud-based CRM that support the entire journey by enhancing the experience of prospects, applicants, students through its flexibility and usability.  It has produced benefits such as faster turnaround times, more accurate tracking capabilities, better conversion rates, and reduced costs. 

Agents Portal

Sqayy Recruitment streamlined process between admissions, bursary and academic by improving the visibility of student recruitment activity to allow the universities or colleges to better evaluate, focus and plan more engaging recruitment activities.

Our Agent Portal enables recruitment agents to manage the student application process more efficiently. Agents may represent many leads or prospects all the while liaising with the Marketing department which can be a rather tedious process. Especially when there is no method to check the duplication of records between the Recruiters/Agents’ records and the existing data in the Marketing database.

Therefore, in order to streamline this process, Sqayy offers a portal for the agents to manage multiple prospects and tracking the progress of their applicants all the while avoiding redundancy in the recruitment data.

Commission Management

This is an integrated functionality for managing and tracking commission of the Recruiter and Agent. The module provides online visibility of commissions and quota attainment by Recruiters as well as managers.

Sqayy’s methodology allows comprehensive commission structures based on the Recruiter’s/Agent’s successful conversion rate in a simple and straightforward manner. It also permits the calculation of commission based on different programmes enrollment. The requirements can either be defined by the number of students, type of programmes, or in combination.

Auto Eligibility Filtering

Different than other recruitment CRMs on the market, Sqayy provides a feature that allows Academic to set up the minimum requirement – the prerequisites and the core requisites, in the online application based on the programs offered.

Therefore, when the student’s academic background does not match the first group of the minimum requirement, the system will not display any programs pertaining to it. This reduces the screening and the operation process of generating offer letter for the eligible student.

Interview Schedules

Sqayy allows Admissions department to set up interview schedules for Applicants that may be part of the application process. The schedule will be displayed in Online Application Portal where Applicants can choose from a list of available slots that has been set earlier.

This feature eliminates the time spent by the staffs to coordinate and arrange the scheduling. Instead of manually going through the listing of applicants, they are able to set the interview slot beforehand all the while avoiding conflicts and clashing.

Hostel Booking

Accommodation plays an important role in attracting prospects and applicants, especially international applicants. A research conducted by ICEF Monitor stated that “a lack of suitable accommodation is certainly hindering recruitment efforts.”.

Sqayy acknowledges this by providing a feature for the Hostel management to manage and configure the settings of the hostel up to bed level. The staffs can set up the type of rooms and the price of the room in the online application. The long queue is now ancient history as Applicants may directly select the rooms as they apply.

This minimizes the time required by the Hostel management teams to perform manual checking on the room availability and the students’ room preferences during registration or enrolment.  

Registration Day


You have finally reached the final stage of the student recruitment process. The new student registration is definitely an important, one-day event for any universities or colleges. This event will also mark the first of the many chapters for your future Students.

But, your journey with Sqayy does not end here.

Sqayy Recruitment & Admissions is a full-featured system that can be extended to assist staffs from various departments during the registration day.

We will cover more on this in our next issue. So, stay tuned!