The world is humming with creative and positive energy. You can see it in the growing number of colleges and universities, successfully establishing themselves countrywide.

Dika College is part of this energy, proudly recognized for their outstanding contribution in the early childhood education professions in Malaysia. It has inspired many young minds, expose them to the world of learning and provide them the foundation for a lifelong process. Today, these are some of the quality that is much needed in an ever-evolving education industry.

We talked to Mrs. Farhana, Deputy Registrar of Dika College about technology and all things bright.

Behind every success

With almost four years in the industry, Mrs. Farhana has a vast amount of experience in handling and processing student data. “We are one of the pioneers of early childhood education in Malaysia. It has been an exciting journey. What I do here (in Dika College), is that I take care of the student application and the student registration.”

Ever since their establishment, Dika College has made a progressive step forward, building affiliations with leading institutions such as New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore.

Mrs. Farhana says, “Currently, our college has over 300 students. Many of our graduates manage to secure employment by implementing their in-depth knowledge coupled with teaching methods gained through real-life classroom experience.”  The institution has successfully provided their students with the exposure they need through its diploma programmes, degree programmes as well as short courses.

The age of data

Managing a large number of data can be quite difficult, especially when there are no proper ways of organizing and structuring it.

It can be a rather delicate process to ensure student’s information can be retained and obtained in the easiest way possible. Mrs. Farhana says, during that time, the process to handle the data is extremely intricate.

“We handled everything manually, with the help of spreadsheet and filing system. It certainly took a lot of effort to make sure the data is consistent and accessible to everyone.” Mrs. Farhana adds. “The amount of workload increases tenfold. Imagine the time it takes just to find one student file.”

According to Mrs. Farhana, using Sqayy puts the power of effective student management right into the hands of their staffs. They can easily download any desired reports from the system, anytime, anywhere. This cuts down the time to retrieve reports and student information – a process that would otherwise consume a lot of resources, Mrs. Farhana says.

“It is so much easier for our examination department to retrieve students information and report nowadays. They can directly generate them from the system. Sqayy also diminishes the need to issue and print receipts as students may now view them from the portal.” Mrs. Farhana adds. “It certainly improves the flow between departments, which enables us to better understand the whole process.”

The shift from traditional classic ways of managing data to Sqayy Student System was a big step for the college.

“It wasn’t easy at first. The spreadsheets were our first system. We needed time to adapt to a new change. But my favourite part during the transition has been Sqayy’s customer support. Their team guided us through every process, helped us understand the system. And that is highly important to us.”