Vialing started the development of a student system in the year 2010. Ever since we’ve secured our first customer, the company has been prospering over the last 8 years.

As Sqayy progressed, our sixty-plus customers made up of different educational institutions of all sizes successfully grew by placing Sqayy at the heart of their operations.

Supporting more than 100, 000 registered users logging in on a daily basis, our new SaaS Student Management System is a core system that powered many faculty members in their line of work. We implement the best of practice into Sqayy – gearing it with fully integrated relationship managementsmart integrations, top-of-the-line reporting, and easy student self-service portal

At this point, you can probably imagine just how much information is managed by Sqayy. Many years of working hand-in-hand with both the staffs and their management teams have actually made us a department within their organisation, one that deals with the functions of a modern student management system which Sqayy has inevitably become. 

Evolving from our predecessors, Sqayy’s ultimate goal is to replace the traditional student information system that served primarily as a back-office to tedious data entry tasks.

Survive and Thrive

We believe, survival is the ability to swim in strange waters and this maxim is reflected in our system’ s ability to adapt to the changing dynamic of customers’ requirements and market evolution. 

Sqayy’s highly customisable features allow us to thrive in any environment no matter the dynamics. This is exactly why our customers are able to weather any uncertainties that the higher education industry entails; from the likes of policy changes to meeting the demands of an entirely new generation.

Sqayy is the only direct channel they have to access information regarding external compliance requirements as set by authorities. Our customers benefit greatly from our training/re-training sessions. We truly take this opportunity to immerse them with the remarkable features of Sqayy as well as everything they need to know about campus operations and management. It is also during these training sessions that we provide the solutions to their operational dilemmas.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, even at the busiest of times.  No other agencies, private or public, can compete with the services we provide to all these higher education institutions.

Sqayy’s Purpose

Being in the education business for almost a decade has presented us with various obstacles and opportunities – the kind that built us into what we are today. We realized that the way we think and act will influence both our business processes and customers’ lives. 

In the words of Napoleon Hill, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

We accepted and embraced every adversity that comes our way. Sqayy is propelling a reimagination of processes, driving improvements in four key areas: transformative changes in growth, financial improvement, management efficiency, and decision making

Many institutions processes are hamstrung by poor feasibility, particularly if the process requires intensive human labour without the assistance of a system – such as recruitment and admissions. Vialing knows with confidence that our modern SaaS can fully comprehend the needs of the institutions and integrate processes beyond the capability of the traditional system in the market. 

For example, integration of CRM within our student system allows universities and colleges to facilitate multichannel communications and engagement in support of student recruiting, student retention and student success, alumni, and other outreach efforts to constituents across the student lifecycle. Furthermore, personalized communications can leverage constituents’ interests, as well as, their digital profile and behaviours. 

Not only that our system has been upgraded to a new level, but we have also taken the effort to revamp and restructure our training methodology by implementing a student-centred approach in delivering the knowledge pertaining to our system as well as the industry. Our customers may now enjoy a more comprehensive user guide (knowledge base) online, an improved version of our previous manual. 

This serves as a clear testament of our effort to harmonise IT and human functions. 

Pointing the Way

A study shows that an impactful performance boosts happen when people and a system work together, blending in the background without creating a noise caused by inflexibility, human errors and unsynchronized data. These are the elements that many legacy systems are unable to incorporate into the campus ground. 

Sqayy SaaS Student Management was designed to accommodate the industry contemporary requirements as well as the student expectations. Conceived from past experience with the future in mind, we morphed into a sophisticated platform as part of our effort to eradicate the growing concerns of higher education institutions – rising of maintenance cost, crippling revenues and low productivity. 

Supplanting manual labour with automation, securing a strong cash flow, increasing the quality of education, cutting overall expenses – these are just some of the things Sqayy contributes to our customers’ business development.

Sqayy Student System represents the beginning of a new era – the era of Generation Z and hybrid applications.

Come and join us. Let’s build a better nation through effective education! 


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