Education is an interesting industry, credits to the people behind it – the ones who fuelled the institutions with their incredibly interesting backgrounds.

Mr Edmund Edward is no exception. With over 29 years in the industry, he has witnessed the transformation that took over our education scene and has enlightened us with his knowledge throughout our journey.

He first started teaching Accounting subject at a tuition centre before working as a freelance lecturer in local colleges around 1998. However, due to a decline in the economy at that period, many colleges opted to hire a full-time teaching power. Nevertheless, that does not mark the end of his journey. Being an innovator at heart, he challenged himself by foraying into tertiary education industry and founded ALC College with strong support from his fellow friends. Today, he is the proud CEO of Peninsula College.

Advanced Learning Centre (ALC)

Advanced Learning Centre (ALC) is one of the first private institutions registered under the new IPTS Act. It was established in 1998, offering professional qualifications (LCCI, ACCA, CIMA) to students around Klang Valley. “We started ALC during the era where information technology just started to revolutionize. Everyone was excited to learn about computers, the internet, and the websites.” And ALC has come a long way since then, with a proven track record in providing high quality and affordable academic programmes. 

Reflecting on ALC’s remarkable achievements, Peninsula College was born. Mr Edmund explained, “As part of the ongoing developments, ALC was rebranded to Peninsula College. We are striving to develop our own diplomas and (we are) working on offering wider subjects to students.”

The challenges

ALC began its journey in a shop lot area, just as other renowned universities during that particular time. Mr Edmund explained, “It was really an interesting journey. In the early days, the education industry was not regulated. Shop lots were accepted and many universities started from there. But, as higher education started to move forward with regulations and acts, we also started growing with them.”

A few years on, Peninsula College has successfully expanded to three campuses around Malaysia – City Campus, Lighthouse Campus, Strait Quay Campus, and soon-to-be-completed Ship Campus.

Sqayy: Technology tool that makes life easier

Using Sqayy has provided an insight to Mr Edmund on how his institution is doing financially. He is pleased that the time spent on administrative tasks reduced through process automation. “When we started in 1998, there is no automation to help us manage the students’ records. Every data was handled using different spreadsheets.”

Now, Mr Edmund has a more up-to-date view of his entire operations, from academic to finance. Moreover, the visibility benefits his institution tremendously. “Sqayy fulfilled my needs. It helps me concentrate on my job as the CEO, focusing on what is important for the well-being of my college. Since it takes care of my operations, I can completely focus on the business.”

Eyes on the horizon

Mr Edmund and his team are gearing up for even more exciting future planning for Peninsula College. They are now starting to plan in accelerating their effort in providing quality education to the people of Penang and the northern region of Malaysia. “Previously, we have only one campus, with 500 students. Our Shah Alam campus was launched in 2015, as the first institution in Southeast Asia to have a campus in a real corporate setting.”

Sqayy will continue to be an integral part of his operations as his campuses continue to grow.

Parting advice for fellow CEOs

For Mr Edmund, being in the education industry not only means dedication, but also a passion for the ever-growing technology. So, his main piece of advice to his fellow CEOs – “We have to change and embrace technology. If we are not innovative in our offerings and future planning, we will be outdated. Technology plays an important role in our education scene.”



Sqayy is a modern SaaS student management system that automates processes and simplifies workflow for effective education. This helps institutions keep track of their operations easily, providing an up-to-date view of their data each day. 

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