At the heart of every university or college is the Registrar. Their job descriptions are mostly student-centric, yet most students barely know them. They thrum away like a well-oiled machine, working in the background to ensure that the institution is running smoothly.

Registrars provide high-quality assurance, enhancement, and management of programmes and academic events. They are also responsible for student records, enrolment and academic congregations. Due to this, registrars have an overarching responsibility in overseeing the delivery of key functions, contributing to the delivery of institution strategy while collaborating with various departments.

There can be no rooms for inefficiency nor error, especially when a large number of students are involved. Therefore, Sqayy leads the initiatives to support and develop an assurance that will assist our fellow registrars in delivering positive experiences to the students.

Our objectives are more than just a campaign on a piece of paper as we truly understand your struggles. They were moulded based on our careful observation, tailored to simplify every tangle within a task.

Hop in! Let’s take a look at Sqayy’s available features – set to transform the way you handle your operation.

  1. Reporting
  2. Academic Policy
  3. Finance
  4. Admissions
  5. Frontline Student Support



Our reporting feature is designed to deliver the most important capabilities needed by every institution – insights into their operation extracted from various departments. With Sqayy, staffs are no longer required to collect files manually from the person-in-charge for either internal or external reporting. Reports can be generated, printed and even shared instantly from within the system.  Definitely takes the hassle out of running an institution, right?

Sqayy’s filtering feature is very powerful as it lets users filter by Faculty, Program, Academic Session, Intake as well as Programme, which means Registrar’s Office can narrow down their insight for reporting purposes.  The overall result will be displayed in a Broadsheet report where it can easily be downloaded and printed.


Academic Policy

Student Profile

Record integrity is very important for any organization, especially for an academic institution. Sqayy, with Azure by Microsoft, is secured. You can rest easy knowing that your data is protected with the best practices and encryption – away from theft and privacy breach. ,

Maintaining academic records for all current and former students can be rather tedious and time-consuming. While mistakes happen and are sometimes inevitable, it is vital that institutions put the right processes in place to help minimize the change of human error and improve time remediation in case an issue does arise. Sqayy allows the records to be updated anytime, anywhere, with only a few clicks of buttons.

Not only that, Sqayy enables you to access or retrieve records of your former students as the records are stored on the cloud, making it accessible at all time.


Grading Scheme

Since there is no uniform worldwide official policy that dictates how colleges or universities should evaluate students, the grading scheme, therefore, may be different according to courses or subjects. Sqayy empowers Registrars to have the flexibility to act on changes in grading policies immediately.

No need to manually updates lecturers on the changes as you can directly set the new grades into the system. Based on the setting, Sqayy will automatically assign grades on behalf of the lecturers once they key in the marks.  Past students’ academic records will not be affected as there is an option to set the grading scheme as ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’. So, only students of that particular academic session and onwards will be affected by the change in grading scheme policy.


Timetable and Facilities

Many may agree that timetable construction can be an extremely difficult task. Not only that, it usually consumes a large amount of time. Although some may have a better intuition for the arising problem, it is most of the time practically impossible to construct a timetable that satisfies every condition.

Here at Sqayy, we don’t simply present a solution. We study the requirements from the people that are part of the education industry. It was never a blinding attempt on our part. Therefore, we are pleased to inform that with Sqayy, you can avoid timetable and facilities scheduling clash. This will significantly reduce the time taken to schedule every classes and activity, allowing you to shift your focus on more pressing matters.


Prerequisite and Corequisite

Sqayy provides a feature that allows Registrar to set up the prerequisites and corequisites of subjects based on the courses taken.  Therefore, when students do not satisfy any of the requirements, they will not be able to enrol in the class.

Now, you can turn that frown upside down as Sqayy handles all the checking with minimal effort and of course, minimal error.


Add/Drop Subjects, Courses

Remember the time where academic staffs have to attend to a long queue of students who wish to add or drop subjects? It can be pretty hectic and time-consuming, right?

Bid adieu to those tiresome processes as Sqayy provides greater flexibility to students by allowing them to manually add or drop subjects directly from their Student Portal. The Registrars can monitor and review the applications online, from the comfort of their seats via Staff Portal.

A perfect formula for productivity, don’t you agree?



Auto Billing

Office of the Registrar is accountable for setting up and monitoring the institution’s fee policies which includes debt collection, changes in fee assessment as well as tuition and fee appeal.

In Sqayy, students are auto-billed according to the fee structures that have been set up beforehand in the system. Our billing feature allows the creation of one fee structure for programmes that share the same cost. This will lessen the time spent on structuring and arranging the fees for different courses.



Auto Generated Student ID

There will always be situations where you need to ensure that you do not have duplicates Student ID entered into the system. But rest assured because Sqayy understands your concerns and it was specifically designed to prevent redundancy in the student records.  

Your students will be issued automatically with a unique Student ID once they successfully enrol in a programme. However, should you wish to change the prefixes in the issued ID, you may do so from the Student Profile and Settings.

Plus you may manually change a student’s student ID.


Frontline Student Support

Survey and Announcement

Registrar’s function, among other things, is to ensure the presence of a proper channel to deliver information and news to the students. With our survey and announcement features, there will be no need for a bulletin board and unsynchronized survey platforms.  

Collecting survey results have never been easier. If you are looking to improve work practices and productivity, Sqayy is the right choice for you.


Counselling and Student Affairs

Registrar truly is the Jack of all trades, the master of all. Not only that they make sure the student records are properly maintained, but they also assist with the coordination and implementation of student services at the colleges or university. In addition, Registrar may involve in providing individual and group counselling services to meet students’ developmental needs, as well as to coordinate all counselling services for students.

Sqayy allows students to set up an appointment with the counsellors from within the system. Yes, it is that easy!


Every institution follows a series of practices, however, they are not necessarily the best practices. Many are often inefficient, unstructured and uninspiring. Operations that are performed manually, without the assistance of a proper system, are not at all effective in terms of resources required and productivity.

Sqayy allows institutions to perform their operation in best conditions, increasing productivity as well as effectiveness. For more information, contact us at