Sqayy Student Recruitment is modernizing our K-12 education scene by amplifying productivity whilst minimizing the efforts. 

Our recruitment module provides a flawless recruitment process to help schools approach, engage, and enrol the right students. 

How do we do it?

We leverage technology to give the best experience to your institution and your prospects, thus, saving you tremendous hours of weary, tedious toil. Skip unnecessary steps; high-cost advertisements, manual initial screening and final selection procedure. 

Instead, dive right into finding the best candidates for your school all the while reducing your operation cost

Twenty percent of customers in our study said the implementation of Sqayy helps to reduce the time taken to complete the registration process, by minimizing the queue and the long wait that often become a demotivating factor. 


Implementing Sqayy was easy and we were able to get it up and running within one month. We have our first registration day using Sqayy Recruitment and it allowed us to put our full focus on communicating and listening to new students and their parents’ concerns and needs.

– K-12 Education Principal 


We are committed to helping the schools around the globe to solve their biggest recruitment challenges with our K-12 solution by increasing their selection ratio. Sqayy Recruitment allows you to foster high-touch relationships with high-quality prospects effortlessly. 

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All Leads in One Place

Website lead/prospect

This is where all the good things happen! Beat the queues, say goodbye to the unorganized way of collecting leads as Sqayy Recruitment lets you handle it all online. With our online inquiry and online application forms, your Marketing staffs can do more with less effort. 

Nowadays, most parents prefer to browse through the website for information, to make inquiries and to fill us their kid’s application form. This, especially, holds true for the modern and busy parents of 2019. By uploading the forms to the school’s website, parents are able to send any inquiries and/or register their kids into the school from the comfort of their home. 

What better way to attract them than by showing that your schools are well-prepared to cater to their sophisticated needs?


Walk-in prospect

Walk-in prospects are important to your schools, and we completely understand that. So, instead of drowning them with manual forms to capture details and program information, Sqayy Recruitment lets your prospects to enter the required details into the system directly. Thus, making it easier for your marketing staff to keep track of their records.

Centralized prospect information all in one place! 


Sales & Marketing Automation

Application portal/Email communication

Our application portal allows parents to apply for the program of their choice and submit the school’s application online. Once the application has been submitted, your Marketing staff may conveniently process the application and begin connecting and engaging with your future students. 

Log every communication made into the student profile, never lose track on your valuable prospect. 


Marketing material in pdf

The education fair is the dream world for any marketing and recruitment teams. However, with the time constraints, the queues, and the competitors, how do you get all the pertinent information across? 

With Sqayy Recruitment, you can do so much more than keeping track of your leads. Our Marketing module allows you to upload any marketing materials into the system and make it accessible to your prospect for easy download. Information transfer in no time. 

On the other hand, you may also send the material to the prospects manually through the system. Don’t worry, we got you covered. 


Smart funnel

Keep your communication with your prospect warm and personal. Similar to Sqayy Recruitment for Higher Education, our smart funnel will automatically assign the funnel stages according to the source of touch-point. A funnel is a great way for the Marketing department to visualize the various stages of leads. 

Do we have your attention now?


Follow-up assignments

Don’t miss a single lead. record your follow-up activities with Sqayy! With our follow-up assignments, the reminder will appear in each of the Marketing staff’s dashboard, based on the respective prospect assign to them. 


Agent management

Sqayy Recruitment gives you the power to monitor the activities of your recruiting agents. We provide insights into the recruiting process made and help calculate the commission entitled for each of your agents.

Streamlines Process


The heart of your recruitment process! Perform new student registration with ease as Sqayy enables you to set up the fee structure, the study plan etc and tie them to your students. This decreases the heavy workloads during registration week as Sqayy will automatically generate the billing invoice based on the study plan attached to the students. 

An effective and effortless registration process at your fingertips.


Interview/Assessment Scheduling

Many schools interview students as part of the admissions process. With our scheduling feature, the marketing team may set up the time slots for the session beforehand. Thus, making it more flexible for the parents to choose any session that is convenient to them. 


Offer letter

Different than other available marketing CRMs on the market, Sqayy Recruitment allows you to automatically send the offer letter to the applicants once the Admission Officer has accepted their application.

Sqayy also provides multi-template offer letters, designed to cater to every school’s unique needs.

Leverage our system automation and increase your engagement rates by minimizing manual works. Empower your school for the future by becoming a digital school! 


Student status

The traditional, manual filing system may serve its intended purpose, however, document silos are often hindering productivity and efficiency. Sqayy Recruitment captures the change in student status; ie from ‘New‘ to ‘Active‘, and streamline the information with other departments

For example, when the Admission department changes the student status from ‘Active‘ to ‘Deferred‘, the student record stored under the Finance department will automatically be updated. This eliminates the situation where invoices are still bill to withdrawn students due to backdated records. 


Financial Charges & Online Payment

With Sqayy, parents are able to view all the imposed fees and perform payment through the student portal and application portal. This will give the Finance department a complete view of the payment and the billing issues to the customers. Not only that we empower your school to take charge of your processes, but we also eliminate the needs for manual receipting by enabling every transaction to be conducted online.

Now, your marketing staffs can issue invoices for Application and Registration fee through Sqayy, anytime, anywhere. Because we know, times and tide wait for no man. 

Flexible & User friendly

Easy & Flexible settings

One-stop for all settings! Yes, we make it easier for you to set up the system by grouping the settings under one menu. Instead of jumping here and there to make certain changes, you may now access it all from one place. Set up the system according to your preference, and behold of its automation power. 

Rather user-friendly and simple, don’t you think so? 


Reports & Dashboard

Take control of your marketing operations with our reporting features and dashboard. 

We give you powerful, easy to understand reports that help you keep track of your marketing progress. Generate reports from the system effortlessly, for either board meeting or MQA/MoHE, and save yourself from another sleepless night. 

      • Prospect List
      • Application Status 
      • Agent
      • Student follow-up status 

Our Dashboard provides you with a comprehensive snapshot of your entire operations. You may access different information from the dashboard such as Smart Funnel (Total Prospect), Intakes (Total Student by Intakes) or set up the dashboard based on your preferred metrics. 

Skip the documents, welcome to the new way of managing operations. 

Sqayy is an end-to-end solution that unlocks your school’s full potential and helps streamline important activities. Stand out from the rest of the crowd and get a head start in the recruitment industry as we put your future students right at the centre of everything you do! 

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