It may seem like your toddler has been too clingy and you can’t wait to send them to school but when the time comes, you may be the one unprepared to face the truth that your toddler doesn’t need you all day anymore.

Aside from facing that “mini” separation anxiety from your child, it is also important to prepare them to be with other kids and a little away from you too. This will be a transitional phase for both of you: him without needing your help and you without the need to look after him all day.

Here are some tips I would like to share with you as I am about to face this too with my toddler soon!

  • Make them excited
    • Educational psychologists usually encourage parents to introduce the concept of schooling to toddlers in a way that they would look forward to it. Before school begins, you can take your child to schools and let her see the environment and what the other kids are doing. Doing this will make him want to be in school and join the kids too. It will spark excitement in him that when the first day of school arrives, he won’t be clueless of his surroundings anymore.
  • Let them be independent
    • Now is the time to take a step back and be less of a super parent. We know that we always want to be there and assist our kids in whatever they are doing. Don’t fret, this is normal. We just want to make sure that they are not having a hard time and that they are doing things properly. But how can they learn if we will always do things for them? It is important for these toddlers to develop self-reliance knowing that they can survive without mom’s help. Let them pick up their toys, pick clothes they want to wear, and walk outside while holding your hand instead of carrying them around. If they do this well, don’t forget to praise them for doing a good job. This will help them develop confidence that they can do things on their own already and won’t be looking for you in school.
  • Built their trust
    • It is very important to make them trust you when you say that you will be back for them. This is the most common struggle when you have to leave them in school already. Leaving something that you own with them makes them feel that they are just looking after your stuff and that you will come back for it. This builds security in your child that when you drop them off school, you will be back at the end of the day for them.

This may be hard in the beginning but doing this a few weeks before school starts will slowly build confidence in your child that he can now do things on his own and be able to understand that this is now his new routine. Don’t forget to use words of positivity that will make him know that he is doing a good job!


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