Sqayy offers automatic student billing which removes manual invoicing and recording of payment through data entry. No fuss for audit – external or internal.

Furthermore, our system has the ability to automatically bar students with outstanding fees or bills.

Before we dive deep into benefits to the integrated system to handle student billing automatically, let’s take a look at the features offered by our finance module:

  • Bills
    • All the control you need in one! Bill students the easiest way as Sqayy allows you to generate both individual and group invoices. 
  • Collections
    • Effortless payment collections every semester. Never again let manual payment collection slows you down. 
  • Refunds
    • There may be a time when you are required to issue a refund to your students. Yes, it doesn’t sound fun and that is why with Sqayy, we try to make it less painful. Process your students’ refunds in no time.  
  • Approvals
    • Avoid errors, give the right people the right access! With our approvals feature, you can easily set your staff’s access permission accordingly.
  • Group Receipts
    • Sqayy helps to optimize your cash flow by allowing you to keep track of your collections from either the sponsor body or the students themselves
  • Transactions
    • Approve or reject transactions from the comfort of your desk as Sqayy is built for convenience. 
  • Invoice Reminder
    • Fees collection is the lifeline of an institution and we completely understand that. Take advantage of our invoice reminders to follow up your outstanding invoices and get paid on time! 

Putting Sqayy at the heart of your campus operation

We know how hard managing an institution can be and therefore, we work hard to make sure you could enjoy every working hour with as little hassle as possible. Sqayy automatic billing is designed to provide higher education institution with a quick, clear and convenient platform to monitor finance transactions while increasing the institution’s revenue and cutting down on the administrative cost. 

  • Improve Collection

Fees collection is challenging. From dispute on the bill amount to the inability to track payment receipts, the finance department is walking a tight rope.

How to improve collection without jeopardising the students’ satisfaction? With Sqayy auto billing, students will receive their bills direct in their student portals. Sqayy also offers integrated payment processing, allowing your students to pay their bills conveniently and securely online.

  • Reduce Operation Cost 

Collections can be rather exasperating. For every frustrated finance staff, there is a possible financial risk because of turnover and re-training costs. Higher education institutions can enjoy lower staff turnover and HR costs by reducing the need to manually process financial data. Our on-cloud solution, powered by Microsoft Azure helps colleges achieve 30% system support cost reduction through less overhead money spent running your campus.

  • Maximum Output with Less Effort:

Keeping track of your records can be tiresome and tedious. But it doesn’t have to be.

Sqayy empowers your campus to generate collection and outstanding reports. They give a clear view and provide a convenient platform for you to monitor your financial transactions. In fact, besides reports, we have Sqayy Finance Dashboard that shows Today’s Collection, Current Month Collection, and Outstanding Bills.

It is a platform for the future of education. The question is, are you ready? 


Sqayy automatic billing helps colleges and universities around the globe to improve their collection with less manual effort and errors. Be part of our growing community!

To learn more about our automated billing, click here or drop us an email at hi@vialing.com