The field of education, along with a number of other industries (such as health and telecommunications) is subjected to significant changes due to the increasingly active dissemination of technologies.

As usual, commercial organizations – private universities, business schools, corporate universities set trends in the introduction of technologies in education and research activities. Public universities and institutions are beginning to think more and more about digital transformation.

Have you ever wondered how universities will look like in the next 20-50 years? Will universities have campuses or laboratories? Or will education and research activities turn completely into virtual reality?

I tried to get more information regarding this topic through different blogs. If you are an avid reader and an EdTech enthusiast like me, you would definitely love the list of blogs that I have compiled. 

Here are the 15 best blogs to follow to know more about technology in education:


1) The Innovative Educator Blog by Lisa Nielsen.



This blog is a great source for teachers. It provides a wealth of information on managing modern classes and the importance of technology along with detailed explanations on how to utilize tools for classrooms. 

If you are looking for a simple, straightforward and basic information about technology in education or specifically HigherEd, then you have to follow Lisa Nielson’s blog.


2) Educational Technology Guy by David Andrade.



The author of this blog, Mr David himself is an educator. From his vast experience in the education field, he then decided to create a blog that is rich in information regarding education, technology, and many other related topics. Besides providing tips and ideas on conducting classes, he also teaches Project Based Learning.

There are more to the blog but why would I put a list of all of the contents, when you can just follow it?


3) Learning with E’s by Steve Wheeler.



One thing that I really like about this blog is that it is written in a journalistic style and designed like a magazine. There is an array of information about digital technologies, education,  innovation, etc.

The articles, as well as the whole blog, will surely interest both students and teachers as they are written in simple language with a conscious effort to avoid complicating things. Definitely a must-read.


4) The Nerdy Teacher by Nicholas Provenzano.


The eye-catching design of the blog with cartoons and animation attract readers even from the first click. The blog by Nicholas Provenzano is all about Project Based Learning and innovation. The author himself is many times certificated educator which adds even more credibility to his blog.

Besides the generous tips found on the blog, readers can also have access to articles written from research and interviews that the author conducted with many “big” people from the educational industry. Interesting and catchy, a must-see and read.


5) On an E Journey with Generation Y by Anne Mirtschin.



This is an amazing blog run by an Australian secondary school teacher. We can view real-life photos and even videos shot while Miss Anne was teaching her young students. ICETV education is something new for me and I assume to many others as well, so I found this blog to be immensely intriguing.

The blog advocates the importance of understanding modern “trends” and teaching the young generation accordingly. I truly love this blog, and I think it contains a valuable source of information for educators everywhere.


6) Edu- Techniques by Colin Gallagher.


After getting familiar with this blog, you will get to know about effective online teaching and learning, communication as well as educational technology.

The blog provides tips which can help teachers immensely. In my opinion, this blog is highly informative and I fully recommend it. 


7) 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning by Michael Gorman.



The exciting part of this blog is that anyone can share their own post here. People can exchange information regarding educational technology, learning and a lot of other subjects.

Isn’t that amazing? The blog curator is a professional in this field and the information provided is straight to the point and easy to understand.


8) Always Learning by Kim Cofino.


Kim Cofino, the author of this amazing blog is an English teacher, who travelled around the world and worked in various international schools.

She has gained a lot of experience in this field and uses her blog as a platform to share tips and advice on education.


9) Campus Management Made Easy by Vialing.



This blog is run by one of the leaders in the EdTech market. Curated by a group of Higher Education professionals, they share many insights, tips and experiences to their audiences.

Their blog posts are creative and entertaining, provides different viewpoints while giving valuable information not only on the education industry itself but also on the rapidly evolving technology. 

If you love reading a blog written by various different authors, then you have to check them out! 


10) Edutopia by George Lucas Foundation.


Edutopia run by George Lucas Educational Foundation provides information on how innovation can be utilized as a part of classroom experience. With various recordings and fun tests available on its page, Edutopia is a fun place to peruse regardless of whether or not you are searching for anything in particular.

Tips: Make a point to tap on their “Trending Topics” area to discover the most sizzling themes in the industry at the moment.


11) Teacher Cast or My Paperless Classroom by Sam Patterson.



Embodying its tagline, this blog is set up so that teachers can teach other teachers. There is a wealth of trending news about educational technology, podcasts, and also live translations by the blog author.  Plus, it also supplies information on available workshops held in Universities.

The blog talks about what tech integration really means in the classroom so that technology can be applied more meaningfully. 


12) Cool Cat Teacher by Vicki Davis.


Vicki Davis, an educator, presenter, and visitor author for multiple esteemed courses runs this blog. She first set up the blog as part of her hobby. In it, she shares her activities with her college students and what she finds essential in classroom learning.

Her posts are well-timed as well as engaging. An example of this was her recent post on the list of presents for techies for the entire 12 months of the year. She has first-rate posts on how to assist and train children in applying Smartphones into their learning process.

An important feature of the modern education system is the existence of an innovative training organization strategy. That determines the quality of education and the image of any educational institution.

The quality of education is understood as the ability of an educational product or service to meet the requirements of the state standard and social order.

To date, information technology has become one of the main priorities in the planning of educational development. An integral and important part of these technologies is the computerization of the educational process.

I hope that the blogs that I shared with you will help to broaden your horizon in this area, learn more and catch up with 21st century’s technological needs.

If you know other blogs about using technology in education, feel free to share with us.