We all agree that LinkedIn is a platform for careers.

For some, it’s a space to look for new positions, for others to be found.

Careers can be made or destroyed on LinkedIn – in a far more direct way than it can be on other forms of social media.

So when someone posts something you don’t like, you might want to reconsider the comment you’re thinking of making before you actually make it.

Here’s why:

  1. It’s never about the post, it’s always about you – people share posts for a variety of reasons, but the most important is to get noticed. Already aware of this, potential employers, headhunters and connections aren’t looking so much at their posts when they see your comments, but how you react – as that tells them a little something about your responses and attitudes.
  2. Your comments show up on your profile – in case you haven’t noticed, whenever you make a comment on any post, it appears (even for a short while) on your own profile – with the first few words of your comment. To not have it there creates a catch-22 situation for you, because what would you have to hide anyway? Whereas having it there says something about your personality.
  3. Your bio is either strengthened or weakened by your comments – and this is the key part which helps the people who matter decide about you. When they do so, they develop a picture of you that they then make a preliminary impression which then decides whether you’ll be a good fit or not for the organisation they represent.

So be careful what you comment on posts that you visit – how you comment reflects on what kind of person you are.

T. Sanmuga runs an online magazine for SMEs [www.smeassist.net] with the aim of transforming the way business operate, and provides Subject Matter Experts to organisations needing their services.