As the new decade is approaching we all are regretful and thankful for some things. The beauty of life lies in both of these aspects.

A company’s existence lies in the hard work of its employees and that hard work is never overlooked by the company. We believe if an employee feels that s/he is unappreciated then it is our company’s fault to let them believe that. A company’s base will shake and break if its employees did not believe in it and in themselves. The hard work which brings a company on a level requires employees’ faith and their time spent in it.

Sometimes they do overtime to meet their deadlines and stay late in the office while their families miss them. Sometimes they go out of town away from their friends and family due to presentations and meetings with clients. Do not ever let anyone make you feel like your company does not appreciate your hard work or does not appreciate your existence in it.     

A company can not work without its employees and its customers. We always try to do best towards them. We can not keep everyone happy but we believe it is our responsibility to keep them happy. An employee who appreciates its job and does well with its family lives a happy and healthy life. The same goes for the customers if a customer is happy with a company’s services and it’s product then it lives happily.

If we try to recall how this company looked like in the beginning then we will not find so many happy memories. Because beginnings are always the hardest. It was messy, confusing and so chaotic. But what kept us going was the faith our team had in us and the customers who kept connecting with us.

In this new year, we are thankful to our employees and we are thankful to our customers. We hope that all of us grow this year even more than we did last year. Being the owner of a company brings a lot of responsibility to one’s shoulder. If not properly taken care of this responsibility can turn into a burden.

This is just amazing how employees can keep working for straight 3-4 hours without even taking a break just because they felt like working or enjoyed it. They think the company for which they are working as the second home they are loyal towards them and they will do anything to help it grow.

Let us celebrate the arrival of a new decade with a resolution to bring this family of customers, employees, and leaders closer than it was before. Let us work together hard for the sake of this company and for the sake of our customers who love us dearly.

Cheers to the new beginnings and thankful past.  Happy new year, 2020! 

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