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Sqayy Admissions


& Enrolment


Make a killer first impression

Re-brand your image as a digital campus. Stand out from the rest of the crowd and get a head start in the recruitment industry as Hantles Admissions & Enrolment improves your brand image for the better. Present yourself as the only campus millennial students deserve!

Personalize Student Engagement

Build a strong and everlasting relationship with your prospecting students. Customize your marketing strategy to ensure your method is the best approach.


Maximize Lead Tracking & Follow Ups

We make it easier for you to keep track of leads and follow-ups regardless of the touch points as Hantles ensures all your prospecting data is centralized.


Optimize Every Campaign

Get the most out of your marketing activities! Make the software a cornerstone in your campaigns so you can meet the ever-evolving needs of  prospects.

Attract students of your dream



As an institution, you would want to go straight to business attracting paying students who appreciate the value proposition you offer which is quality education at reasonable cost powered by cloud technology. Hantles settings allow you to set in the system minimum grades required to enrol in your courses and minimum total assets of sponsors of your students. 


Inside Hantles Admissions & Enrolment System

Hassle free


Hantles Admissions & Enrolment handle your student information the moment they are registered as students. The data entered through the admission form is stored for future retrieval. Count on the system to finally make your registration days settled in record speed.



The ultimate way to never lose track of your leads, Hantles marketing module helps you to develop and maintain positive relationships with your prospects. As an integrated module, you would finally have a complete one-stop view of all your marketing activities.

Ease of


A powerful portal for applicants that you need to include in your marketing platform. Get applicant information easily with minimum effort through Hantles Online Application portal. Messy forms and files for every student are replaced by an online student profile, complete with a photograph, created instantly. Micromanaging is so yesterday.



A proactive solution to student enquiries, Hantle's student portal is where students can review their profile and look for information such as student ID, program name, semester number and email address. Allow access to student profile so your students could review their information and utilize self-service features anytime, anywhere.


Smart Funnel Management

Hantles's smart funnel management feature will automatically assign the funnel stage according to the source of touch-point. Keep your communication with your prospect warm and personal.

Commissions Management

Boost recruiter motivation and productivity by letting them see their performance. Better yet, introduce Student Get Student scheme and foster your institution growth.


Referral Program

Our referral program enables your student and staff advocates to receive rewards for referring students to your education institution. Increase enrolment through word-of-mouth!

Reports & Analytics

Hantles Admissions & Enrolment comes with real-time reporting and analytics tool, allowing you to see the overview of your recruitment performance.

Tasks Management

Hantles provides flexibility to allow you to set access specific to your organization and make your processes more efficient than ever.

Agent Management

Hantles enables Agency Manager to have the visibility towards their agents and agency performance. Track every activity and never lose a prospect again.

Take your institution one step further. Let us guide you there.

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