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The all new experience for your staffs and your students.

Reposition your hostel office administration as Paperless Hostel Management. Gain additional revenue stream and cut overhead costs. Present yourself as the 21st-century campus with digital campus management.

Flexible and Powerful

Empowering students to request room change without going through an intermediary. Our Hostel Management System caters to online registration for faster booking and better management. 

Digital Hostel Management

Use our reporting features and generate report with only a few clicks. No more rummaging through hundred of files for one single record in this digital age.

Hostel for the World

Generate more income with those empty beds! During long semester break, rent out your hostel to short-tem guests.  Make them feel at home.

Attract quality hostel occupants



As an institution, you want to have the flexibility to accept or reject hostel applications. You want to test applicants against their background. Some universities reward active students with priority hostel placement due to limited space.


Inside Sqayy Hostel Management System



Our online application form collects accommodation preference from applicants. This empowers your staff to make proper arrangement and allocation for future students. All works but minus the needs to manually record each request. Faster and efficient, what else can we say?



With our Rent Calculator and Room Change Request features, Sqayy Hostel Management System gives your students the flexiblity to calculate their hostel fee or apply for a room change with ease. Live in the future, grow better.



With records received from our Online Application, enjoy a headache-free admission preparation. Allocate rooms based on the applicants' preference and room availability with ease. Less work, double your performance!



Sqayy Hostel Management is fully-integrated with the Finance department - offering a complete access for your staffs to manage the hostel fees every trimester. Every payment made by the students will be automatically reflected in the hostel ledger. Enjoy a breezy transaction with our new and improved module integration.


Rent Calculator

For each occupant of the hostel, you can auto calculate the rent. There are settings to set rental policy such as collect payment at booking stage or check-in stage. We empower you to set your own house rules and enforce them.

Group Check-In

Active students can be filtered through data categorization such as location, block, unit, intake and check-in. More importantly, students can be allocated to their rooms with just a few clicks.

Online Booking

Sqayy Hostel Management System allows filtering up to gender level which means it easy to cater to guests who prefer gender segregated accommodation. Students can submit the application online for a breeezy registration day. 

Residents' Information

Records at your fingertip! You can access details such as contact details and permanaent address in no time. This is super useful for managing information for paid users who may not be active students. 

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