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A shift in attitude.

As the cheapest and most effective software in the market, rest assured that you are making the right decision by choosing us as the only remedy for your operational nightmares. Sqayy Student Information system optimizes the best of what you already have. We believe your students deserve to get a high-quality educational experience.

All-Time Available Support

Using a new system can bring a lot of change and confusion. Worry not as our experienced support team is always eager to ensure that Sqayy's implementation in your organization will succeed. Allow our team to offer you the best service in the industry so the system can exceed your expectations.

Adheres to Official Guidelines

Through years of research and development, Vialing has come up with a software that strictly adheres to specifications laid out by your local qualification agencies. With the system’s flexibility, your campus will quickly adapt to any sudden changes in policy while your competitors struggle to survive.

Untangle Complexity



Our software architect works hand-in-hand with real experts in the education industry, making Sqayy system fits the operations of multiple departments like a glove. Comprehensive and easy to use, your staff would have no problem mastering our system without much effort. Sqayy Student Information system is designed with your needs specifically in minds.


Result Calculation

The pride of our genius engineering and design, Sqayy’s auto calculation of academic results picks up the heaviest burden held by your academic staff. Now, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Insurance Notification

Sqayy also sends automatic alerts to both staff and students if an insurance plan is near its due. Rejoice as the system covers the most mundane part of student management.

Disciplinary Records

Keep track of your students’ misconducts as the system automatically displays the disciplinary record in the student portal for their constructive reflection.

Visa Notification

Manual tracking of visa expiration date will no longer be a practice in your institution. Sqayy automatically notify both staff and students when their visa is about to expire.

Attendance Calculation

With a click of a button, lecturers key in student attendance and the rest will be taken care of by Sqayy so your lecturers can spend their time improving the quality of their instructions.

Finance Blocking

A powerful automation feature, Sqayy’s finance blocking bars students from accessing features that they depend on to progress as students. Expect an increase in collections too!

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